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$GOLD Projects


All Shasta-Gold Coin projects have real world use. All projects will integrate our BEP-20 Token into their functioning. All projects will include profit sharing for our holders. This provides excellent opportunity to build wealth.


We are an NFT Marketplace for investors, artists, gamers, developers, musicians, and creative persons to buy, sell, and auction NFTs. We are established on the award winning NFTify platform because it is a healthy ecosystem that is efficient, secure, and reliable. It is innovative, evolving, and integrated with multiple blockchains. NFTs are available for sale now on the $GOLD NFT Marketplace.

On the $GOLD NFT Marketplace: (1) we are focusing on high quality artwork and collectibles that include GIFs, games, videos, and music. (2) We will be loading special collections, each with unique variations. Launch of these will offer great investment and profit opportunities.

(3) We will also offer special NFTs consisting of rare stamps, gemstones, and coins with certificates of quality and authenticity. These will be digital NFTs, but will be real items shipped to buyer upon purchase.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are appealing to invest in because they have unique digital identifications and info recorded on blockchain that: Ensures ownership and authenticity; provides traceability; keeps a decentralized record of transactions; and creates a unique asset that produces a scarcity-based hierarchy that enhances value.

$GOLD NFT Marketplace


The launch of the Online Store will happen soon. Investors and the public will be able to purchase quality token themed items. Other $GOLD products will be added, such as Expresso, Spa Products, Honey Products, Gifts, and Shopping Cards. The plan is to have high volume sales of quality items and the profits will be shared with $GOLD holders.


We are developing a decentralized platform on Binance Smart Chain. We plan to integrate key games from EVOPLAY. We are creating a fun Gold Mining Game where players will mine gold, do tasks, and battle predators in 3D Metaverse of Gold Mountain. They will earn points, treats, $GOLD, NFTs; and be rewarded based on play. They will obtain tools to do well. Shasta-Dog will enhance finding the way to gold. Points and treats can unlock bonues. Players try and reach the kingdom under the mountain. Players will vote on development and direction of all the games.


The Mega Jackpot Lottery program will provide investors the opportunity to use $GOLD tokens or BNB to buy tickets for special Mega Lotteries. These will be held during different phases of the roadmap. Many gifts and rare collectibles will be won. We plan to offer great prizes: Gems, Gold Coins, Vacations, Rolex Watches, and Teslas.


Under development is our Crypto Debit Card, which will be integrated with the Mobile app. You will be able to use $GOLD tokens to charge up the balance of your $GOLD Debit Card. You will be able to use the card to purchase goods and services in the mainstream economy, anywhere that Mastercard is accepted in the world. What a great way to integrate $GOLD into all aspects of life and to take advantage of the profits that you earn investing in and holding the Shasta-Gold Coin ($GOLD).  


We will implement a mobile app to bundle all of the functions of $GOLD for easy monitoring and management. Investors will be able to view token prices, profits, and balances. Users will be able to manage the $GOLD Debit Card and also buy items from the online store and buy and sell NFTs on the NFT Marketplace.

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